Umeboshi,Japanese pickled plum,Japanese apricot,Fukami Ume Ten


Salt content: 6%

Fruit Umeboshi

Salt content: 8%

Hachimitu Umeboshi

Salt content: 10%

Habutae Umeboshi

Salt content: 8%

Hachimitu Koume

Salt content: 8%

Konbu Umeboshi

Salt content: 10%

Katuo Umeboshi

Salt content: 14%

Shiso Umeboshi

Salt content: 22%

Old fashioned Umeoshi

Salt content: 22%

Organic Umeboshi

Salt content: 22%

Chemical free Organic Umeboshi

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About Umeboshi

Umeboshi is a Japanese food often translated as “Japanese pickled plums.”


Closely related to an appricot than a plum.


Umeboshi has a distinct flavor that is a combination of sweet, salty, and sour.


This Japanese pickle is typically prepared by soaking the ume fruits in salt.


This item is prepared at home by some Japanese families, though it is also readily available in stores.


Packaged umeboshi can be found in Japanese markets.


In Japan, the Wakayama area is the top producer of umeboshi.


Minabe, a town in Wakayama, produces the most ume of any town in Japan.


The fruits can also be used in sushi or salad dressings.